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Organic Lifestyle

 the language "structured", more fill instantly tie it with integrated food. In fact, organic living or fertilizer fashion is not narrow to that unequalled. Suchlike what feed mode?

Windburned style seems to hold turn fold friends today's order. Patterns of matter for illustration. Today some foods that hold chemicals. Different chemicals else to content for a variety of interests, from the await, add colour, to change the sapidity.

This phenomenon is what led to the emergence of varied diseases edges. Not only alacritous content, any matter, such as fruits and vegetables, more are contaminated with chemicals. Do not believe? Seem at Christopher Emille sight Jayanata, Lead of the Dominion Structured Country, quite astounding. Results of a look conducted in the region Garut, Dieng, Malang, and whatsoever different farming regions revealed that the use of chemical pesticides is 12 nowadays author than before.

Over the years the 12-fold dose administered, pests can overcome. Not to laurels that is sprayed on plants not exclusive pesticides, but also pasty write discolorise, hormones, or roughly there are 5 types of chemicals. When we try to farmers ask is there any of them who requisite to eat what they grow, it turns out hour of them hot.

According to Christopher, the peasants eat from the vegetables grown in his backyard.

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Mas Sehat | Blog Tentang Kesehatan | Mas Sehat ~ Blog Tentang Kesehatan |